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Public Cultural Harbor Sightseeing Tour


These public tours promise a unique perspective on Antwerp’s historical charm, providing diverse experiences meticulously crafted to showcase the city’s maritime allure and heritage.

Public Cultural Harbor Sightseeing Tour:

As we navigate through the historic city harbor, our seasoned guides unravel captivating narratives woven into iconic landmarks. Marvel at the MAS Museum, explore the historical dry docks, and behold the Church Ship, each site a chapter in the story of this maritime jewel. A highlight of our voyage is the Harbor House, an emblem of the successful collaboration between the city’s rich past and its innovative future, symbolizing the harmony between tradition and progress.
Further along the route, witness the pioneering spirit of Antwerp with a view of the first hydrogen filling station, a nod to the city’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The vessel that carries you through time is a former British navy lifeboat, now repurposed with an electric engine, again marrying the old with the new in perfect harmony. This boat, with its rich history and modern adaptation, serves as a fitting vessel for your journey through Antwerp’s maritime legacy.

Join us for a voyage that is not just a boat ride, but a passage through time, from the era of Napoleon to the forefront of modern innovation, all while sailing aboard a piece of history reborn for the future. Discover the stories that have shaped Antwerp, a city where the past and present meet, and the maritime allure is as timeless as the waves.